I don’t get the rainfall shower heads

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When we purchased our home in Mendocino the master bathroom has a rainfall shower head.  Ken absolutely loves it.  I think the one reason he loves it is it’s 8ft up.  He can get under that thing and scrub up like a regular sized person.

I’m not a fan and here is why:

1)  With water rationing on the rise in California, these things don’t help conserve.  Great I suppose if one is washing their hair, the water falls right in place, but to soap up, one has to step away from the rainfall and the wasted water goes down the drain.

2)  When one goes to wash their “kibbles and bits” the showeree REALLY has to do a pelvic thrust and then assume the twerk position to get the areas wet. THEN after soaped up, lots of thrusting and twerking to get the soapy parts clear of suds.  I do appreciate getting to those important areas with a spray that aims for them rather than having to contort myself to get a stream in the appropriate areas.

3)  If one DOESN’T need to wash their hair, they again have to contort so as not to get the rainfall on their heads.  Sure there are shower caps, but now one’s head and shower cap are blocking the rest of the body…hence the thrusting and twerking from item 2.

Give me a shower head that is mounted 6 ft up on the wall where I can direct the spray to the areas I want.

Dreams Do Come True

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Waaaay back in 1975 a friend and I decided to take a camping trip to Mendocino, California.  We both had always heard about it but neither of our parents had ever taken us there.  For me, if it didn’t include fishing the family didn’t go.

One Friday morning we packed up my 1969 VW bug and off we went, only to find out that the master cylinder went out on my car.  My brother came to the rescue as he usually always does and was able to replace it.  We got on the road late never the less.  The drive up took a lot longer than we anticipated.  We were taking Highway 1 which is full of twists and turns.  It was dark and when we arrived at Salt Point and we decided to pull into a parking lot to sleep.  It was so windy that the sand from the bluffs were blowing about that we couldn’t see but a few feet a head of us.  We parked, opened the doors and they were immediately blown shut.  No putting up a tent there.  So we pulled stuff out of the back of the car and shoved it underneath it, the seats were already down, we got into our bags and slept in the back of the car.  Not a comfortable sleep at all.

Saturday morning’s dawn broke as we were awaken by other campers tapping on our windows.  “Don’t move!  You are parked dangerously close to a cliff!”  YIKES!  They pulled everything from under the car, had me release the brake and were able to push the car away from the cliff.  Exciting times.

After many thank you’s and hugs we were off for Mendocino.  The drive along the coast is so stunning.  Highway 1 is one lane each way and it can be slow but so worth the drive.  We arrived at Van Damme State Park, found a site and created a home for the next two nights.  We spend the day walking through the park which boasts redwoods, a canyon of ferns that can get to be over 6ft tall and a Pygmy Forest.  Then there is beach.  We spent many an hour watching the waves.  I was mesmerized.  Enchanted.

The nights were cool and smelled of evergreen.   We had visits from raccoons and fox.  When zipped up in our bags, in the tent the sounds of the waves put us to sleep.  During the days we explored the area and towns.  I KNEW I had to live here one day.  At age 18 my destiny was embedded in my soul.

And now my dream has come true.  After many years of working, a couple of lucky IPOs, I’m living the dream.  I live amongst the redwoods, pygmy trees and ferns and I can hear the ocean waves pounding the beaches.

A new year, a new decade, a new blogger

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Look at me I’m blogging!   Some of you that might be reading this including my husband have been after me to generate a blog.  So here I am.  Give me a chance to ramp up to this.  I promise to do more with it than I did with Facebook.

This is only the beginning. New Year.  New Decade.  New Blogger.    Well we’ll see.

Happy New Year People!  Here’s to a fabulous 2010.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!